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Rekreační středisko KRÁLOVEC

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and enjoy beutuful countryside of Walachia.

You are welcome to stay over night or book a vacation at this fantastic part of the world. Our restaurant offers local cuisine incluing excellent local wines and beers.

Do not miss to check it.

Rekreační středisko Královec

Holiday resort Kralovec

- main building - restaurant, bar, kitchen, office, garages, storerooms, 2 luxury appartmets
- 2 cottages (for 4 people each)
- 11 bungalows (for 4-5 people each)
- 10 summer cabins (for 4 people each)
- big cottage (for 8 people)
- relax centre building - whirpool, sauna, gym
- 2 playing fields

Holiday resort Kralovec occures east part of the Czech Republic bordering with Slovakia. It lies in beatiful surroundings of White Carpathians mountain range.

Local undamaged nature entices visitors with posibility of hiking, cycle tourism, going mushrooming, etc. Local neighbourhood is full of objects of interest. In summer several swimming pools are nearby.

   RS Královec a.s., Na Královci 460, 766 01 Valašské Klobouky, Czech Republic, kralovec@kralovec.cz